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  • Your Name

    Your Name Posted on November 26, 2017 by Dave Roberts — No Comments ↓ How crazy is it that somebody can come up with an idea for a story, write […]

  • Episode 14 – RIP 2016

    Dave, Tyler and Marc rip 2016 a new one just days before the new year is due. Predictably after we finished recording another half dozen deaths occurred.

  • Episode 13 – TNA is… Good?

    Marc tells Dave why TNA is currently a good watch, the heirarchy of the company is briefly discussed, how WWE could (but won’t) handle a Superstar coming out on their […]

  • Episode 12 – Cautious Optimism

    Dave, Tyler and Marc talk about NXT, The upcoming WWE Draft and a bunch of other crap that we can’t remember right now. Originally recorded on August 7th 2016.

  • Episode 11 – San Diego Comic-Goings-On

    Dave and Tyler discuss the goings on at the recent San Diego Comic convention. DC, Marvel and others are all given mention in this 2 hour ramble.

  • Episode 10 – Tyler Saw Everything

    Tyler saw 109 movies last year, in this episode he works his way through the 19 worst movies on his list with a few interjections from Dave. Some of these […]

  • Episode 9 – The Two Horsemen of Apocalypse

    Dave and Tyler discuss the latest X-Men movie, and shockingly they soon find something they disagree on.

  • Episode 8 – Cosmic Cube Shenanigans

    Marc lets Dave and Tyler know exactly how he feels about the Captain America/Hydra controversy, before our intrepid duo embark on one of the longest BSCast episodes yet.  Other subjects […]

  • Episode 7 – A Very Civil War

    In the largest BSCast yet, Dave is joined by Tyler, Felipe, David and Austin to discuss Captain America: Civil War. Could this be one of the most positive Superhero discussions […]

  • Episode 6 – Aftermath of Justice

    Dave, Tyler And David discuss the recently released and highly divisive Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice from very different points of view.