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    Na Hong-jin’s 2016 Horror, The Wailing, is an unsettling film which not only combines the possession and zombie genres, but does so in a unique way that western entries into […]

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    Your Name Posted on November 26, 2017 by Dave Roberts — No Comments ↓ How crazy is it that somebody can come up with an idea for a story, write […]

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    Nothing about the way that Thomas was Alone looks makes me want to play it. It’s doesn’t have flashy presentation, famous voice actors, an orchestral score or all the polygons. […]

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    Some guys just don’t have any luck, and Max Payne’s ran out quite a while ago if the events of Max Payne 3 are anything to go by. It’s been […]

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    The characters don’t speak, there is no narration, the story is told almost entirely through pictures and tapestries, there is no violence to speak of and there is no online […]

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    A certain Irish Stout advert states “Good things come to those who wait” In the case of Catherine this claim holds just as true. European gamers, unlike our American cousins, […]