BSCast Episodes

  • Episode 21 – Tyler Explains Basketball

    Tyler tries to explain the comings and goings that took place during the off season to an increasingly confused Dave. Did the players union screw themselves by pushing for the […]

  • Episode 20 – Infinity War Spoilercast

    Dave and David talk about the latest Marvel movie to hit cinemas, Avengers: Infinity War. Listener be warned, there are spoilers from the very start.

  • Episode 19 – Wrestlemania Weekend

    Dave and Tyler discuss the results from NXT Takeover New Orleans and Wrestlemania 34 , as well as their predictions for the upcoming Superstar Shakeup

  • Episode 18 – Twin Peaks

    Dave and David discuss the HBO series Twin Peaks: The Return in full spoilerific detail, in a conversation that has been shamelessly stolen from the Eerie International Horror Podcast archives.

  • Episode 17 – Bad Take City

    Tyler and Dave talk about their expectations for the Royal Rumble and how they see Wrestlemania 34 coming together. Be ready for a host of bad takes.

  • Episode 16 – Trailer Talk

    Dave, Tyler and Marc discuss the trailers for the new animated Spider-Man and Alita: Battle Angel before engaging in the first edition of Tyler Moliterno’s Name That Wrestler!

  • Episode 15 – Justice League’s Thor Spot

    Dave and Tyler give their thoughts on DC and Marvel’s latest offerings. Which one will they talk about the longest? No prizes for guessing that!

  • Episode 14 – RIP 2016

    Dave, Tyler and Marc rip 2016 a new one just days before the new year is due. Predictably after we finished recording another half dozen deaths occurred.

  • Episode 13 – TNA is… Good?

    Marc tells Dave why TNA is currently a good watch, the heirarchy of the company is briefly discussed, how WWE could (but won’t) handle a Superstar coming out on their […]

  • Episode 12 – Cautious Optimism

    Dave, Tyler and Marc talk about NXT, The upcoming WWE Draft and a bunch of other crap that we can’t remember right now. Originally recorded on August 7th 2016.