Will The Next Xbox Be Called Fusion?


Fusible are reporting that Microsoft have registered multiple domains that make mention of the word Fusion, leading many to suspect that the next generation Xbox might be known as Xbox Fusion.

While it’s not unusual for companies to buy .com’s for a varied number of product related sites (Xbox themselves have multiple .com’s under their control that all relate to Xbox in one way or another) it is unusual for a company to buy up the full range of sites, ranging from .com and .co.uk to .biz and .info.

This is exactly what Microsoft have done with the XboxFusion URL.

By linking Video Games, TV, Web Browsing, Social Media, Music, Betting, and Communication together within just one box Xbox will be creating a system that, by its nature, is performing fusion of a kind. When you consider that, the name Xbox Fusion starts to make very good sense indeed.

The New Xbox will be unveiled on May 21st at the Xbox Campus, you can watch it live on your Xbox 360.


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