THQ owed WWE and Yukes $27.5 million


Recent court documents have revealed that THQ owed WWE and Yukes, the developers of the WWE video game series, a combined $27.5 million at the time that they filled for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The disclosure statement, filed by THQ’s lawyers, revealed that WWE were owed around $7.6 million for marketing and royalties by the publisher, while their former development partner Yukes were owed 15-20 million dollars.

The document, which can be viewed here, also revealed that a settlement was reached between all three parties on February 12th which means that THQ no longer has to pay WWE or Yukes the amounts previously mentioned.

THQ has instead agreed a deal whereby they will pay a settlement of $250,000 to Yukes as well as paying WWE royalties from all games sales made during the case.

Thanks to the agreement WWE and Yukes were both able to abandon their partnerships with THQ and take up the new arrangement with Take-Two which was recently publicised on WWE television by Michael Cole during a broadcast of Raw.

New copies of WWE ’13 have been released in recent weeks bearing the 2K sports logo, replacing THQ’s brand.

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