The Friday Night Round Up

Here we are then, the end of another week, and the beginning of another Friday round up. Well, the first Friday round up, but next week this intro will work much better.

Forget i wrote that first bit, Hello and welcome to the Friday Round Up! The only way to end you busy gaming week!


A disclosure statement filed by THQ this week revealed the full extent of the financial troubles that the former publisher was facing when they filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

WWE were owed $7.6 million in marketing and royalty fees, while their WWE video game development partner Yukes were reportedly still $15-20 million out of pocket.

The statement also revealed that both debts have been settled, with WWE taking all royalties from games sold during the hearing, and Yukes settling for $250,000.

Wow, i should go on a spending spree and then get onto THQ’s lawyers.


GG LegoBatman2

Marvel might be dominating the silver screen, but it looks as though it’s DC that are taking charge of the mobile one. After highly popular versions on PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii, Wii U and 3DS, it’s the turn of iPhone to host Lego Batman 2:DC Super Heroes.

Graphically the game is very impressive indeed, and at a penny under $5 it represents extremely good value for money.

If you own an iOS device and like fun platformers, this one is for you.



If, for some reason, playing superhero isn’t for you then maybe the world of Phoenix Wright is.

Originally planned for release on iOS devices this month, development of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD has fallen behind to the point where the release has been indefinitely delayed.

It’s worth mentioning that when it finally does arrive, the app will be free to download.

It’s hard to raise an objection to that.



More news from Nintendo! The Wii U Virtual console has finally arrived, and you can play all your favorite games on the control pad from the off.

Having rolled out shortly after the 3.0 system update, the line-up for the Wii U virtual console in America includes the likes of Excite Bike, Super Mario World and Punch Out.

To think, people said i was desperate when they brought PSOne support to the Vita…



The exciting Nintendo news continued to flood in this week, with the announcement of a bright pink 3DS XL for the UK market!

Wait, what do you mean this doesn’t excite you? You love pink!

eh, oh well. It’ll still sell by the shed load.



Maybe Nintendo are sensing a shift in perception of their company, or maybe they’re happier having Iwata-san appear on a video wearing a leather jacket while staring at a bunch of bananas. Whatever the thought process, the end result is that Nintendo will not be holding a conference at this years E3.

Perhaps more due to the fact that Xbox and PS4 will both be at the show, blocking the spotlight that Nintendo crave, the Japanese company have decided to “Try to establish a new presentation style” focussing on smaller more focussed events concentrating on software dedicated to the western market.

“We will deliver our messages to our Japanese audience through media such as Nintendo Direct”




Finally in Nintendo related news, Satoru Iwata has assumed the role of Nintendo of America CEO. The role will be absorbed into his current position as Nintendo President and is intended to streamline the upper management structure within the big N.

Don’t worry though, Reggie is still NoA President and official spokesperson to the English speaking world.



From one of the most popular companies ion gaming to the official worst company in America.

EA have reportedly been letting a number of employees go following the closure of EA Partners. The company is due to announce its fiscal results on May 7th where the full extent of their restructuring measures should be more apparent.

“In recent weeks, EA has aligned all elements of its organizational structure behind priorities in new technologies and mobile. This has led to some difficult decisions to reduce the workforce in some locations. We are extremely grateful for the contributions made by each of our employees – those that are leaving EA will be missed by their colleagues and friends,”

I’ll bet they make a massive profit too…



While they were busying themselves ruining their former employees lives, EA were also busy launching a new partnership with GAME in the UK. The new Free2Play browser gaming portal gives anyone with an Origin account access to Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, Lord of Ultima and Need for Speed: World for absolutely nothing. Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free are both due to release on the service soon.



We have Metal Gear news!

A korean ratings board accidentally revealed details of a Metal Gear collection this week, which was quickly confirmed by Konami as well as Hideo Kojima himself.

The coleection entitled “Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection” will be PS3 exclusive and contain MGS1, 2, 3 and 4, peace walker, and the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. It will also include two digital comics from Ashley Wood.

The collection is scheduled for release in June, although an official price (expect it to cost a few vital organs and your eternal soul) is yet to be confirmed.



There was news of another collection this week, although it doesn’t quite have the history of Metal Gear.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition is coming to PC, Xbox and PS3 this June and includes all the downloadable content released to date, as well as hopefully fixing the bugs that ruined the Playstation version for so long.

The game should retail at the regular price of $60 or £40 on console with the PC version coming in at $40/£30.

Great news for Elder Scrolls fans, and even better news for me, as i get to bust this video out again.



Everybody loves controllers! although i doubt anybody had a happy accident in their trousers at the news that a sparkly silver Dualshock 3 controller is landing in the US this June.

It’ll retail at $55 and has absolutely no special features over the standard controller other than the fact that Lady Gaga probably has one that she wears as a bow in her hair.

Oh and here’s a video that talks about the Dualshock 4. I think perhaps it’s the same one that  played during the NYC reveal. I’d still like to see what the actual console looks like, but to be fair i’ll be spending more time holding the controller than the big black box that runs the games.



No doubt the biggest story of the week, and the last one to be recapped today, is the announcement of an announcement coming next month.

Microsoft have sent out invitations to the worlds gaming press to attend a reveal at the Xbox campus in Washington next month on May 21st.

At 10am, Don Mattrick will unveil the next Xbox, and hopefully shed some light on its inner workings, as well as answering the question that could decide the consoles fate: Is it an always on-line machine?

You can read about what we want to see at the reveal here, and remember that you can tune in and watch live (if you haven’t got a job to go to) by booting up your Xbox 360 at 10am on May 21st.

Well, that’ll do it for this week, thanks once again for reading and please do come back next week, when we’ll do our best to round up the next week in gaming.


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