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New GTAV Trailers for Michael, Franklin and Trevor

As promised, Rockstar launched three new trailers for GTAV today, with each one focussed on a different playable character. We’ll skip talking about the trailers here as you’ll all rather watch the trailers for yourselves anyway. Thanks to IGN for

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New GTAV Trailers Incoming

The Rockstar Newswire has posted an image that suggests multiple new trailers for GTAV may be about to hit the internet. The post at contains absolutely no written information other than that which is within the image itself. You can

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Max Payne 3 – Review

Some guys just don’t have any luck, and Max Payne’s ran out quite a while ago if the events of Max Payne 3 are anything to go by. It’s 9 years since the events of Max Payne 2 and Max,

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