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BSCast Ep.007 – A Very Civil War Review

Episode 7 of the BSCast sees our largest cast yet discussing the newly released Captain America: Civil War in an unusually positive discussion by this shows standards. Join Dave, Tyler, Felipe, David and Austin as they discuss Marvel’s latest effort

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Thomas Was Alone – Review

Nothing about the way that Thomas was Alone looks makes me want to play it. It’s doesn’t have flashy presentation, famous voice actors, an orchestral score or all the polygons. It uses basic flat colours and geometric shapes to create

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Journey – Review

The characters don’t speak, there is no narration, the story is told almost entirely through pictures and tapestrys, there is no violence to speak of and there is no online PVP experience. With so many staples of the current crop

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Catherine – Review

A certain Irish Stout advert states “Good things come to those who wait” In the case of Catherine this claim holds just as true. European gamers, unlike our American cousins, had to wait an extra 7 months for an English

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