PS Plus May 2013 Line-up revealed


As has become customary since the inception of PS Plus, Sony’s added value subscription service that offers new, free downloads of full retail titles every month, the line-up for May 2013 was recently announced on the Playstation blog.

This month, subscribers to the £39.99/$49.99 a year service will get their hands on the critically acclaimed “Hitman: Absolution” from Square Enix, Atlus’ wonderfully Japanese Puzzle/Horror game “Catherine”, and the distinctly average “Malicious” which managed a disappointing 67% from Metacritic. All three titles will be available for download, completely free of charge from May 1st

PS Vita owners will also have access to Digital Reality’s retro side-scroller Sine Mora, as well as “Velocity Ultra”, an HD, trophy enabled port of the FutureLab title, originally released on the PSN as a PS Mini.

This really is a stellar line-up for PS Plus subscribers, with Catherine and Hitman: Absolution quite rightly co-headlining the card. While Hitman and Tomb Raider haven’t sold as many copies for Square Enix as the company would have liked, both games have heralded something of a rejuvenation for the Japanese developer most famous for its Final Fantasy series. Hitman being available for free to PS Plus members could be just the shot in the arm that is needed in order to shift a few more copies of the Lara Croft re-boot. Catherine is an interesting case, because even though it was critically adored it didn’t have the mainstream appeal to sell as well as its PS Plus stable mate. Atlus’ Puzzle/Horror game being available to PS Plus subscribers will, with luck get a lot more eyes on Persona 5, the game for which Catherine serves as something of a tech demo for the new game engine.

And don’t dis-count Malicious just because of its metacritic score either. The benefit of being free is that it can allow the player to be much more forgiving of a games faults and foibles. It might well be a 67% percent retail game, but it’s not at retail price now.

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