New GTAV Trailers Incoming

The Rockstar Newswire has posted an image that suggests multiple new trailers for GTAV may be about to hit the internet.

The post at contains absolutely no written information other than that which is within the image itself. You can see the picture that was posted on the site below.


Could we be about to see a new trailer for each of the three main characters? It’s a plausible theory, especially when you look at the image above. Note that it says “Trailers”, and not “Trailer” and that each of the main playable characters is named.

GTAV marks the first game in the series where you will play as more than one character on a regular basis. It’s not a radical departure from the norm, but it’s certainly an idea that freshens up the sandbox formula. Each character also has their own specialities and personalities, as well as all coming from varied social and ethnic backgrounds, meaning that we should be in store for one of the most diverse GTA escapades in the games¬†history.

Expect the trailers, however many of them there are, to release on April 30th.

Oh, and have some fresh pants ready for when you have a happy accident in the ones you’re wearing.


Special thanks to @BarryLadTweets who alerted us to this story.


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