Feminist Frequency or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Respect Peoples Opinions

Many of you will be aware, to a greater or lesser degree, of the awful and to my mind, evil Twitter messages that have been sent to Anita Sarkeesian on the back of her latest Feminist Frequency video. The Video entitled “Women as Background Decoration: Part 2” explored the idea that in many video games women are used as an easy way to flesh out game worlds, but often fall back on the age old trope of objectifying them sexually rather than treating them as fully developed and fleshed out people in their own right.

Now, a little bit of disclosure before we go any further. Anyone that was at all familiar with the Endgame Plus podcast back in 2012 will remember that Nick, Moxie and I did, on a few occasions, talk about the Feminist Frequency Kickstarter and questioned the need for that campaign. After all, we reasoned that Anita already had the recording and editing equipment necessary to make the series, and we supposed that she had already done most of the requisite research, because how could you make a series based on a conclusion that you haven’t yet researched?

In retrospect it didn’t really matter what the money was for. The idea behind the Tropes in Video games video series is a good one, and in many instances the examples given have left me thinking that i’m not sensitive enough to the portrayals of women in the games i play. I may disagree with some of the examples given in the videos, but for every example that seems like a bit of a stretch (i’ll get to those at some point, perhaps in another article) there’s another which hits the nail squarely on the head.

So, in short, what i’m trying to say is that the Fem Freq videos have won me over. Maybe i don’t agree with 100% of the points raised, but i respect Anita for sticking to her guns and trying to highlight important issues within an industry that i love.

Now that i’ve got that out of the way we can return to the purpose of this article. I don’t care if you disagree with every single point that Feminist Frequency makes, agree with every word, or if you occupy the middle ground with me. Anita Sarkeesian is a human being. She has parents, friends and other loved ones. Just because someone criticizes the games you play doesn’t open them up to the torrents of foul mouthed abuse that has arrived at her door. I’ve included an example of the sick messages that Anita has received in the past few days on Twitter. I’ll warn you now, it’s absolutely horrible stuff.



Death threats? really? Because she said that Assassins Creed Brotherhood was too heavy on the gynaecide? I mean this from the bottom of my heart, i really do. Grow the fuck up Internet! 

You can follow Anita Sarkeesian @Femfreq on Twitter, the latest video is included in the article below. I think you’ll agree it makes some excellent points.

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