EA Release Schedule 2014 – No Star Wars


During an Investor Call today, EA President of Labels Frank Gibeau revealed the 11 games that EA has slated for release in fiscal 2014 (April 2013-March 2014). He revealed to investors that, although it was fairly obvious anyway, the next entries in the Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and Need for Speed series would all be next gen titles. EA hope that these 11 titles, along with a further 15 mobile games, will earn them $3.50 billion revenue in FY2014

Of greater interest is the fact that no Star Wars properties were announced, which is encouraging for anyone that was worried that EA might treat the exclusive deal with Disney as an excuse to print hastily assembled money grabbing shovel-ware.

The short announcement of next years titles is included below.

In fiscal 14, we will release 11 major titles across consoles, and on the PC. This includes our core sports titles,

FIFA Manager
NBA Live
NCAA Football
Need for Speed
Command and Conquer
The Sims 4

In related news, it appears that the Star Wars pinball table from Zen Pinball was so popular that it has earned itself a stand alone release on PSN. Star Wars Pinball, which launches on the PSN next week for $9.99/€9.99 will include all 3 tables originally available in Zen Pinball 2. The Star Wars Episode V, Boba Fett and Clone Wars tables are all cross  buy enabled, so if you already own them in Zen Pinball 2 you can download Star Wars Pinball absolutely free, and if you buy Star Wars Pinball you can access the tables on Zen Pinball 2. The game is also compatible with both PS3 and Vita, just like Zen Pinball 2.

Now the only question is, will you fight for the rebels or the Empire?

Answers on a postcard please.

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