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How crazy is it that somebody can come up with an idea for a story, write it down, and within the space of a few years turn it into a tangible thing that can emotionally affect others to the point that

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Feminist Frequency or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Respect Peoples Opinions

Many of you will be aware, to a greater or lesser degree, of the awful and to my mind, evil Twitter messages that have been sent to Anita Sarkeesian on the back of her latest Feminist Frequency video. The Video entitled “Women as

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5 Things We Hope Microsoft Will Announce Next Month

With the announcement this week that Microsoft will be presenting their new console to the press on May 21st, looks at some of the possible announcements that Don Mattrick and the rest of the Xbox development team could be

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Why Always-Online Could Kill XBox

Before the PS4 was officially announced in New York City in February, there were plenty of rumours floating around that both Sony and Microsoft were considering some form of DRM system in their next console. Theories ranged from having games

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